Niki and Aaron | Engaged


Meet one of the most awesome couples–ever. Niki and Aaron are one of our 2014 wedding couples, and some of the most fun people to hang out with. We shared nothing but laughs at this session. These two definitely wanted to have fun with their session and not take themselves too seriously–just how we like it to be!
Here is a little bit about them:

Q: How long have you and Aaron been together? 
A: We have been together for exactly 7 years–and a little over five months. We started dating my seventh grade year–Aaron’s eighth grade year, and have been together ever since!

Q: How did Aaron ask you to marry him?
A: Well, he told me he wanted to take me out on a surprise date and he was going to plan everything (which normally ends up by me planning everything–ha). He told me to wear something warm which I thought was strange. He picked me up and had a dozen red roses for me. We get in the car and on our way to dinner and he has all of my favorite songs on a playlist to listen to! We had a reservation at Biaggis and then an “appointment” later.  We got done eating and he was just driving around acting weird, like going in circles and I started getting attitude (as usual–ha). He then surprises me with a horse and carriage ride around downtown.  After that we walk to where the Christmas wreath was and all of a sudden, his little brother comes out from the bushes, literally, and says he is waiting for a friend, which I buy. Then all of a sudden his brother says, “Aaron you forgot this at home,” and hands him a ring box and I started flipping out and backing away!  Aaron gets down on one knee and says “Niki, I love you, and I want us to be a family. Will you marry me?”–and of course I start bawling hysterically and I said yes!

Q: What do you look most forward to about your wedding day?
A: We of course want to have fun and party with everyone–ha, but when it comes down to it, family is really important to both of us. That day, we can finally be our OWN official family–that’s what matters.

Q: How awesomely-fun was your engagement session?!
A: OMG–everything about the engagement session was amazing! It was so much fun to walk around downtown and see so many back ways that we have never even known were there! Tarah did such an amazing job making us feel so comfortable and totally opening up to our hysterical relationship–ha!

Q: Aaron, what was the moment you knew your were going to ask Niki to marry you?
A: I always knew there was something special about Niki, and there was always apart of me that knew she was going to be my future.  Around my senior year, after getting through high school and the different trials we went through together–knowing who I was and what I wanted in life–I knew for sure that Niki was going to be a part of that.

Q: Niki, when was the moment that you started dreaming of marrying Aaron?
A: I always had a crush on Aaron, but it took him a while to actually figure it out–ha. I would say around the end of my freshmen-sophomore year of high school. My family was having some hard trials to get through and Aaron was always consistently there for me –that’s when I knew ” I am not going to find anybody better than this.”. Everybody thought I was crazy, but the way he was so caring, patient, and willing to do anything for me (and continues to be that way) is when I knew he is the one–this is who God made for me.

Their wedding date: July 11, 2014


Here are a few of my favorite images from their engagement session–enjoy!


















Thanks again you two. We are so excited for your fun-filled wedding next year!

One thought on “Niki and Aaron | Engaged

  1. Niki and Aaron,

    In my entire life I have never seen two people more happy and in love than the both of you.

    If ever, God forbid, you ever have a disagreement in life, take out this album and study
    the pictures and Answers to the questions, and you will both forget everything but your
    love for each other.

    I envy you both for discovering one another.

    Your biggest fan,

    daddy’s dad

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