Our Life | Johnny Appleseed


We, somehow, got a Saturday off this month and decided to enjoy the Johnny Appleseed festival in our hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We make it a point to go every year, but it was nice to be able to enjoy it this year–and not be on a rushed schedule. This is our favorite festival in Fort Wayne–the sounds of banjos playing, the smell of caramel apples and root beer, children running around painted and dressed up like Native Americans–it is the most humbling and warm feeling in the world. We wish we could do this day again–over and over and over.

Here are some photos from our day with the kids at the festival:

JohnnyAppleseed2013-4I (Tarah) love listening to this kind of music!


JohnnyAppleseed2013-7“Daddy, I won!”


JohnnyAppleseed2013-9So then of course, Eila had to get in on the action and win a necklace.




JohnnyAppleseed2013-14She cracks me up with her questionable looks–sweetest little munchkin I know!





JohnnyAppleseed2013-20Eila, Maxx’s little cheerleader (:

JohnnyAppleseed2013-28We paid $1 for him to win a mint. Hm.



JohnnyAppleseed2013-25Through the maze they go–I can’t believe I didn’t grab a photo of the giant teepee they went through. Grr.

JohnnyAppleseed2013-27Eila saw the little girl behind her put her arms out to balance, so she had to try it out too. It is amazing to watch kids learn from one another.




JohnnyAppleseed2013-35Picking out satchels–that they bought to “collect rocks in”–ha.

JohnnyAppleseed2013-37I’m not sure why we did this to ourselves, but we did. Definitely regretting it now–but they’re happy (:

JohnnyAppleseed2013-50We found this amazing handcrafted cheese board for $12 at the festival–I didn’t photograph the back, but it has all of the information (when it was made, where it was made, etc.) carved on the back of the handle. I’m ordering a dough board and a custom music box (for when Eila graduates)  from this guy too. Incredibly gorgeous and one of a kind!

JohnnyAppleseed2013-39Waiting in line for homemade root beer–Eila is so hungry she has resorted to eating her fingers!

JohnnyAppleseed2013-44Worth the wait!


JohnnyAppleseed2013-43Enjoying some yummy apple dumplings!

JohnnyAppleseed2013-49Visiting Uncle Jerod at Granite City for some late lunch. Yum.



JohnnyAppleseed2013-47Yep–that’s about right.

Thanks for peeking into our awesome day with the kids–see you next time!

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