Kids Craft | Peg People


So lately I have been seeing these little rainbow peg people all over the place–so I decided to make my own. This “project” was suuuuper easy and took me maybe fifteen minutes to do. It’s an excellent way to teach your child colors, numbers, and the good ol’ “ROY G BIV” trick. We have recently decided to homeschool our children, so I’ve been making/collecting things to start our first school year next year! We really want our children to learn with objects, art, and the earth. We would like to instill self-sustainability in them and teach them through the montessori approach–not just sit in a classroom and stare at a blackboard. We are so excited to start this journey with them and are so thankful for how supportive our family and friends have been with our decision. A friend and I will be doing a “homeschool group” where we will have class with the kids together, go on field trips together, etcetera. If you are in the Fort Wayne area and would be interested in being a part of our homeschool group next year, please get a hold of me–we would love to have you! Later this week, I am going to make a memory game for them–check back in to see how it turns out.

7 Wooden Peg People
Acrylic Paint in the colors of your choosing
Non-fraying paint brushes (mine frayed and I had to keep trimming them–grr)

Where I got supplies:
Hobby Lobby

How much it cost me:
Around $9




All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2013.

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