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ValentinesDay-1So I know soo many people absolutely despise Valentine’s day, but when you’re a parent, any day to justify showering your babies with gifts is a day worth celebrating! I wanted to share a post of what I was going to be gifting my children this Valentine’s day and where you can find them–because let’s face it, they are super cute and you will totally want them.
Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

1. The Boy Fox:
One of my awesome friend’s Sara makes the cutest little stuffies right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can find her shop, Moffit Plush Co. on Etsy! Her creations are not only great for babies, kids, and tweens, but also adults! I personally would love to have some of Sara’s cat, owl, or hedgehog stuffies sitting on my couch or shelf displayed as home decor. Not only does she make a huge variety of these cute stuffies, but she also makes brooches and jewelry. Go check out her shop–I promise, you will have a full shopping cart by the end of your trip.




2. The Top-Knot Doll
Jean is also a dear friend of mine who makes all of her wonderful creations right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I like to keep my business local–can you tell? You can find her shop, thedearestjean, on Etsy as well! You can also catch her at many local pop-up shops. If you’d like to keep up with her and her sweet little family, you should head on over to her blog, jean dear. I was so excited for Jean to finally make Eila a doll! The hair piece and skirt is removable, so the child can play around with other clothes and accessories! She also makes some pretty adorable hair pieces and bags for little ones and adults–and her birthday crowns are a must for any child’s portrait session or birthday party!




3. Headphones aka My Sanity Savers
My son, Maxx, is obsessed with playing PBS Kids, Nick Jr., ABC Mouse, Angry Birds, and basically any other game on the phone or computer ever created. So when I found these headphones at Gap Kids, I had to snatch them up! May my life contain a little less annoying repetitive kids songs.


4. My Mom Snaps
Duh–I had to get this book for the kids! This illustrated book written by Kari McGrath, Darcy Jerome, and Melissa Egan is a must for all of you mommy photographers. My poor kids are so sick and tired of a camera being in front of their face, but they will thank me at their graduation parties when they have a thousand photos of their life to look back on (or maybe they won’t). Anyways, you can find this adorable book at sale at Amazon!



5. Hug Time
My kiddos are book worms–so they are always so excited to get books on holidays. I love the simplicity and illustrations of this book written by Patrick McDonnell. It’s very hard to find Valentine’s day books that aren’t too floofy or girly, but this one is very gender neutral! I purchased this at my local Barnes and Noble bookstore.



6. Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks
These yummy fruit snacks are a staple in our household. Our family is 100% organic, animal friendly, and vegetarian, so we have to be careful about what snacks we buy for the kids. A lot of gummy snacks (like fruit snacks) contain a yucky ingredient called gelatin. I’ll let you do your own research on that one. Anyways, we don’t like to have a lot of candy around the house (because they will ask over and over and over for it), so this organic snack made by Annie’s is a nice and healthier alternative for our kids!


Farewell and Happy Valentine’s Day!

All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2013.

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