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Parnin-Todd Wedding-30

We finally got some color on Kayla and Byron’s wedding day! We did two engagement sessions prior to their big day, but just couldn’t seem to get the timing squared away with all the pretty flowers. They had a very fun and laid back wedding day followed by a fun-filled reception at Orchard Ridge Country Club. Thanks for having us Mr. and Mrs. Todd!

Wedding Party and Guests:
Photos will be uploaded to an online printing host where you can order prints or purchase rights to the image. We will provide the link on our Facebook page when the photos are ready–until then please enjoy these photos! If any of these images are used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etcetera–please provide a link to either our website or Facebook page here.
Thank you!

Here are a few of our favorite images from their day:

Parnin-Todd Wedding-1

Parnin-Todd Wedding-3

Parnin-Todd Wedding-11

Parnin-Todd Wedding-5

Parnin-Todd Wedding-6

Parnin-Todd Wedding-7

Parnin-Todd Wedding-10

Parnin-Todd Wedding-2

Parnin-Todd Wedding-8

Parnin-Todd Wedding-9

Parnin-Todd Wedding-13

Parnin-Todd Wedding-14

Parnin-Todd Wedding-17

Parnin-Todd Wedding-16

Parnin-Todd Wedding-15

Parnin-Todd Wedding-24

Parnin-Todd Wedding-19

Parnin-Todd Wedding-21

Parnin-Todd Wedding-22

Parnin-Todd Wedding-23

Parnin-Todd Wedding-25

Parnin-Todd Wedding-26

Parnin-Todd Wedding-28

Parnin-Todd Wedding-27

Parnin-Todd Wedding-29

Parnin-Todd Wedding-32

Parnin-Todd Wedding-33

Parnin-Todd Wedding-38

Parnin-Todd Wedding-39

Parnin-Todd Wedding-41

Parnin-Todd Wedding-40

Parnin-Todd Wedding-43

Parnin-Todd Wedding-42

Parnin-Todd Wedding-37

Parnin-Todd Wedding-34

Parnin-Todd Wedding-35

Parnin-Todd Wedding-47

Parnin-Todd Wedding-50

Parnin-Todd Wedding-48

Parnin-Todd Wedding-46

Parnin-Todd Wedding-53

Parnin-Todd Wedding-55

Parnin-Todd Wedding-54

Parnin-Todd Wedding-56Parnin-Todd Wedding-51

Parnin-Todd Wedding-59

Parnin-Todd Wedding-58

Parnin-Todd Wedding-57

Parnin-Todd Wedding-61

Parnin-Todd Wedding-67

Parnin-Todd Wedding-65

Parnin-Todd Wedding-68

Parnin-Todd Wedding-62

Parnin-Todd Wedding-63

Parnin-Todd Wedding-45

Parnin-Todd Wedding-70

Parnin-Todd Wedding-71

Parnin-Todd Wedding-73

Parnin-Todd Wedding-74

Parnin-Todd Wedding-76

Parnin-Todd Wedding-77

Parnin-Todd Wedding-72

Parnin-Todd Wedding-78

All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2014.


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