Kara and Mike | Engaged

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-2

When I first sat down to meet with Kara and Mike, I knew they were going to be an awesome couple to work with. We really wanted to make their engagement shoot about them–so we headed to one of their favorite spots–the golf course! I have to admit, I was a little afraid of the flying golf balls, but the session turned out beautifully. Josh and I are so excited to see what their wedding will bring.

To our clients:
Please do not edit, crop, or alter these photographs in any way. If these images are used on any form of social media, please provide a link to our Facebook page and website.
Thank you!

Here are some of our favorite photos from their session:

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-1

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-3

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-5

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-7

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-6

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-10

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-8

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-12

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-13

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-17

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-14

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-15

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-16

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-19

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-20

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-21

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-47

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-24

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-23

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-25

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-22

Wasson-Kelley Engagement-26

All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2014.


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