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Deturk-Campbell Wedding-54

Mandy and Craig were such a blast to work with! Such an easy, relaxed, and go-with-the-flow couple. They could not have asked for a more perfect day for their wedding–not too hot and not too cold. Their wedding reception was held at the IPFW ballroom and offered some pretty awesome locations for some sunset photos. We always love to get to play somewhere new!

Wedding Party and Guests:
Photos will be uploaded to an online printing host where you can order prints or purchase rights to the image. We will provide the link on our Facebook page when the photos are ready–until then please enjoy these photos! If any of these images are used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etcetera–please provide a link to either our website or Facebook page here.
Thank you!

Here are a few of our favorite images from their day:

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-4

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-3

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-5

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-6

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-2

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-9

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-8

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-52

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-51

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-21

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-22

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-20

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-14

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-15

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-13

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-17

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-18

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-19

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-23

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-10

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-27

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-28

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-31

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-30

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-32

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-33

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-35

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-39

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-41

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-42

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-43

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-44

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-45

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-47

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-63

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-59

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-64

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-61

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-65

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-66

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-50

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-48

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-49

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-53

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-54

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-55

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-56

Deturk-Campbell Wedding-57

All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2014.

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