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Eckert-Austin Wedding-70

Whoa, did we have a blast at the Austin wedding held at the Mustard Seed Gardens in Carmel, Indiana. Gorgeous details, gorgeous venue, gorgeous couple–gorgeous everything! It’s so great to be able to capture a wedding day from start to finish. All of those little details make up the story of the day! The details of this wedding were so extraordinarily thought out. From their beautiful and tearful first look to their choreographed dance in the middle of their first dance–it was just simply awesome. Thanks for having us Mr. and Mrs. Austin!

Wedding Party and Guests:
Photos will be uploaded to an online printing host where you can order prints or purchase rights to the image. We will provide the link on our Facebook page when the photos are ready–until then please enjoy these photos! If any of these images are used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etcetera–please provide a link to either our website or Facebook page.
Thank you!

Here are a few of our favorite images from their day:

Eckert-Austin Wedding-2

Eckert-Austin Wedding-5

Eckert-Austin Wedding-3

Eckert-Austin Wedding-9

Eckert-Austin Wedding-7

Eckert-Austin Wedding-10

Eckert-Austin Wedding-12

Eckert-Austin Wedding-14

Eckert-Austin Wedding-15

Eckert-Austin Wedding-17

Eckert-Austin Wedding-24

Eckert-Austin Wedding-33

Eckert-Austin Wedding-44

Eckert-Austin Wedding-34

Eckert-Austin Wedding-38

Eckert-Austin Wedding-39

Eckert-Austin Wedding-40

Eckert-Austin Wedding-42

Eckert-Austin Wedding-45

Eckert-Austin Wedding-90

Eckert-Austin Wedding-91

Eckert-Austin Wedding-92

Eckert-Austin Wedding-76

Eckert-Austin Wedding-77

Eckert-Austin Wedding-18

Eckert-Austin Wedding-22

Eckert-Austin Wedding-26

Eckert-Austin Wedding-27

Eckert-Austin Wedding-8

Eckert-Austin Wedding-13

Eckert-Austin Wedding-19

Eckert-Austin Wedding-36

Eckert-Austin Wedding-23

Eckert-Austin Wedding-25

Eckert-Austin Wedding-28

Eckert-Austin Wedding-54

Eckert-Austin Wedding-53

Eckert-Austin Wedding-47

Eckert-Austin Wedding-50

Eckert-Austin Wedding-52

Eckert-Austin Wedding-61

Eckert-Austin Wedding-63

Eckert-Austin Wedding-65

Eckert-Austin Wedding-64

Eckert-Austin Wedding-46

Eckert-Austin Wedding-94

Eckert-Austin Wedding-79

Eckert-Austin Wedding-81

Eckert-Austin Wedding-82

Eckert-Austin Wedding-85

Eckert-Austin Wedding-83

Eckert-Austin Wedding-86

Eckert-Austin Wedding-69

Eckert-Austin Wedding-67

Eckert-Austin Wedding-66

Eckert-Austin Wedding-71

Eckert-Austin Wedding-72

Eckert-Austin Wedding-74

Eckert-Austin Wedding-75

Eckert-Austin Wedding-88

Eckert-Austin Wedding-87

Eckert-Austin Wedding-93

Eckert-Austin Wedding-57

Eckert-Austin Wedding-96

Eckert-Austin Wedding-100

Eckert-Austin Wedding-103

Eckert-Austin Wedding-97

Eckert-Austin Wedding-101

Eckert-Austin Wedding-105

Eckert-Austin Wedding-99

Eckert-Austin Wedding-102

Eckert-Austin Wedding-107

All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2014.

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