Vivienne | Birth Story

Vivienne Birth-80

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Here are a few of our favorites from the birth:

Vivienne Birth-1

Vivienne Birth-2

Vivienne Birth-10

Vivienne Birth-7

Vivienne Birth-5

Vivienne Birth-11

Vivienne Birth-12

Vivienne Birth-14

Vivienne Birth-3

Vivienne Birth-6

Vivienne Birth-16

Vivienne Birth-17

Vivienne Birth-8

Vivienne Birth-15

Vivienne Birth-19

Vivienne Birth-21

Vivienne Birth-28

Vivienne Birth-20

Vivienne Birth-22

Vivienne Birth-24

Vivienne Birth-25

Vivienne Birth-27

Vivienne Birth-26

Vivienne Birth-31

Vivienne Birth-32

Vivienne Birth-29

Vivienne Birth-34

Vivienne Birth-33

Vivienne Birth-36

Vivienne Birth-37

Vivienne Birth-38

Vivienne Birth-40

Vivienne Birth-42

Vivienne Birth-43

Vivienne Birth-44

Vivienne Birth-46

Vivienne Birth-47

Vivienne Birth-51

Vivienne Birth-49

Vivienne Birth-52

Vivienne Birth-48

Vivienne Birth-55

Vivienne Birth-58

Vivienne Birth-57

Vivienne Birth-56

Vivienne Birth-59

Vivienne Birth-62

Vivienne Birth-61

Vivienne Birth-63

Vivienne Birth-65

Vivienne Birth-67

Vivienne Birth-70

Vivienne Birth-69

Vivienne Birth-71

Vivienne Birth-73

Vivienne Birth-72

Vivienne Birth-74

Vivienne Birth-76

Vivienne Birth-77

Vivienne Birth-78

Vivienne Birth-80

Vivienne Birth-81

Vivienne Birth-82

Vivienne Birth-83

Vivienne Birth-87

Vivienne Birth-86

Vivienne Birth-84

Vivienne Birth-89

Vivienne Birth-90

Vivienne Birth-92

Vivienne Birth-97

Vivienne Birth-93

Vivienne Birth-95

Vivienne Birth-96

Vivienne Birth-94

Vivienne Birth-100

Vivienne Birth-99

Vivienne Birth-98

Vivienne Birth-102

Vivienne Birth-103

Vivienne Birth-107

Vivienne Birth-106

Vivienne Birth-104

Vivienne Birth-105

Vivienne Birth-108

Vivienne Birth-109

Vivienne Birth-110

All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2014.

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