Seddelmeyer | Birth Story

Seddlemeyer Birth-5

To our clients:
Please do not edit, crop, or alter these photographs in any way. If these images are used on any form of social media, please provide a link to our Facebook page and website.
Thank you!

This birth was very special to me because Jesse and Ryan are past wedding clients of mine. I was so honored when she contacted me about photographing her birth! Jesse was wonder woman throughout the birth of her beautiful baby girl (which was a surprise). She labored and delivered through an unmedicated birthing process with the utmost peace and grace. Like, seriously, I’ve never seen someone in so much pain and be so incredibly calm and balanced. Maybe I was just a big baby for my natural birth, ha! Sadly, just before the baby was born, I had to leave to photograph a wedding. I am so very thankful that Michelle of Labor of Love was able to step in for me to finish the documentation of the birth. Her photos (edited by me) are those that are noted.

Here are a few of our favorites from their session:

Seddlemeyer Birth-1

Seddlemeyer Birth-17

Seddlemeyer Birth-6

Seddlemeyer Birth-3

Seddlemeyer Birth-13

Seddlemeyer Birth-4

Seddlemeyer Birth-8

Seddlemeyer Birth-10

Seddlemeyer Birth-9

Seddlemeyer Birth-12

Seddlemeyer Birth-14

Seddlemeyer Birth-15

Seddlemeyer Birth-22

Seddlemeyer Birth-11

Seddlemeyer Birth-20(Right image: Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-19

Seddlemeyer Birth-24

Seddlemeyer Birth-21(Left image: Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-26

Seddlemeyer Birth-27

Seddlemeyer Birth-23

Seddlemeyer Birth-29(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-28(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-30(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-31(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-32(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-34(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-35(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-36(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-39(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-37(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-42(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-41(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-43(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-38(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-45(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-47
(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-48(Labor of Love)

Seddlemeyer Birth-50(Labor of Love)

All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2015.

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