Yarn Christmas Tree | Craft


These yarn trees are a perfect touch of warmth for your holiday decor. They are very simple, easy, and cheap to create. You can choose from a variety of yarn colors and just have fun with it! All supplies were purchased at a local Hobby Lobby.


What you’ll need:
Foam cone
Three colors of yarn (I chose a deep red, heather gray, and cream)
One sheet of tan felt (or your choice of color)
Hot glue gun

YarnTree-2Step 1: Trace your felt bottom for the bottom of the finished tree.

YarnTree-3Step 2: Cut your felt bottom–be sure to stay inside of your marker lines so you don’t have any black edging.

YarnTree-4Step 3: Cut about a foot of yarn for the top of your tree.

YarnTree-5Step 4: For this specific layer–Start from the bottom and work upwards as you will need to stack the yarn on top to create a peak.

YarnTree-6Step 5: When wrapping the yarn–hot glue only the ends. Wrap the yarn tightly and it will stay in place! Be sure to be random with the width of each color so that is doesn’t look so uniform.

YarnTree-7Step 6: Hot glue the end of the yarn to the bottom of the cone as it will be covered with the felt.

YarnTree-8Step 7: Hot glue the felt onto the bottom of the cone to give it a finished look.

YarnTree-9Step 8: Depending on what type of yarn you use–you may need to clean up any shedding.

YarnTree-10Step 9: Decorate and enjoy! Stay tuned for a stick tree DIY using small sticks from the backyard!

All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2013.