Organic Lemonade | Recipe



This organic lemonade is one of my favorite things to make on a hot summer’s day! The recipe is so easy and the kids love to get in on the action. Here is a step-by-step recipe, including photos, of how to make this yummy drink.

What you’ll need:
1 Cup Organic Cane Sugar
1 Cup Water (for sugar water)
7 Organic Lemons
4 Cups Water (for lemonade mixture)
Liquid Measuring Glass
Handheld Strainer
2 Pitchers
Mixing Spoon

** Let’s begin! **


Step 1: Slice 6 of your organic lemons into halves. Prepare your juicer.


Step 2: In a small pan, use medium heat to boil 1 Cup of organic sugar and 1 Cup of water together. Boil about 4-6 minutes until sugar is completely dissolved.
Helpful hint: Instead of making this yourself, some people like to use organic agave nectar.


Step 3: While your organic sugar and water are boiling, start juicing your organic lemon halves. You will need a total of 1 Cup of juice.
Helpful hint: Don’t worry about some seeds and pulp getting into the juice. You will strain those later!



Step 4: Find a tiny helping hand to mix your organic sugar water and lemon juice together in your extra pitcher.

Step 5: Add 4 Cups of water and continue to mix.

Step 6: Once mixture is fully mixed together, pour the lemonade through a handheld strainer into another pitcher. This will get rid of all those nasty seeds and pulp!


Step 7: Slice one organic lemon into thin slices and place in your lemonade. Chill lemonade for 30 Minutes.


Voila! You just made homemade organic lemonade. Go you!