Arley | Newborn

Arley Hoffman Newborn-8

The Hoffman family has been client’s of mine for almost three years now–so of course I was so excited when they were expecting a new little one. Meet precious little Arley. She wasn’t too excited about her session, but we managed to sneak a few cute ones in there (:

To our clients:
Please do not edit, crop, or alter these photographs in any way. If these images are used on any form of social media, please provide a link to our Facebook page and website.
Thank you!

Here are a few of our favorites from their session:

Arley Hoffman Newborn-5

Arley Hoffman Newborn-6

Arley Hoffman Newborn-4

Arley Hoffman Newborn-3

Arley Hoffman Newborn-2

Arley Hoffman Newborn-1

Arley Hoffman Newborn-10

Arley Hoffman Newborn-9

All photos are copyright of ©Della Terra Photo, 2014.

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