Neal-Fabian | Wedding

Neal-Fabian Wedding-35

Let me introduce you to Blair and Brian. If I could describe this couple in one word, it would just be happy–they just down right make each other happy. Josh and I were so honored to be a part of this absolutely gorgeous Chicago wedding. The modern details blended with the organic and earthy colors was just stunning. This was the first time we photographed at The Kitchen Chicago, and I believe it is now in my top three favorite venues. Brian and Blair, thank you so much for allowing us to be part of such an intimate and special day. We will you two the best of luck and happiness!

Wedding Party and Guests:
Photos will be uploaded to an online printing host where you can order prints or purchase rights to the image. We will provide the link on our Facebook page when the photos are ready–until then please enjoy these photos! If any of these images are used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etcetera–please provide a link to either our website or Facebook page here.
Thank you!

Here are a few of our favorite images from their day:

Neal-Fabian Wedding-1

Neal-Fabian Wedding-2

Neal-Fabian Wedding-3

Neal-Fabian Wedding-8

Neal-Fabian Wedding-6

Neal-Fabian Wedding-9

Neal-Fabian Wedding-12

Neal-Fabian Wedding-15

Neal-Fabian Wedding-18

Neal-Fabian Wedding-14

Neal-Fabian Wedding-5

Neal-Fabian Wedding-10

Neal-Fabian Wedding-13

Neal-Fabian Wedding-11

Neal-Fabian Wedding-19

Neal-Fabian Wedding-20

Neal-Fabian Wedding-17

Neal-Fabian Wedding-21

Neal-Fabian Wedding-23

Neal-Fabian Wedding-25

Neal-Fabian Wedding-24

Neal-Fabian Wedding-26

Neal-Fabian Wedding-27

Neal-Fabian Wedding-37

Neal-Fabian Wedding-36

Neal-Fabian Wedding-34

Neal-Fabian Wedding-29

Neal-Fabian Wedding-39

Neal-Fabian Wedding-32

Neal-Fabian Wedding-31

Neal-Fabian Wedding-45

Neal-Fabian Wedding-30

Neal-Fabian Wedding-41

Neal-Fabian Wedding-42

Neal-Fabian Wedding-43

Neal-Fabian Wedding-57

Neal-Fabian Wedding-58

Neal-Fabian Wedding-50

Neal-Fabian Wedding-47

Neal-Fabian Wedding-61

Neal-Fabian Wedding-60

Neal-Fabian Wedding-62

Neal-Fabian Wedding-63

Neal-Fabian Wedding-66

Neal-Fabian Wedding-67

Neal-Fabian Wedding-64

Neal-Fabian Wedding-70

Neal-Fabian Wedding-77

Neal-Fabian Wedding-71

Neal-Fabian Wedding-76

Neal-Fabian Wedding-78

All photos are copyright of ©Della Photo, 2014

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